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Tool Kit
( 100TL515 )


Our newest copper tool kit line makes performing an installation easier and quicker. Tailored for high performance, copper installers can really reap the benefits of having all their tools in one convenient case. All our tool kits are customisable, bringing flexibility and suitability together to ensure every installer has the tools they need.

  >>Crimping Diameter :  
» Completely customisable to customer specification
» Keep all your tools organised and in one place
» Lightweight and ruggedized cases for on-site and transit
» Cost-effective and efficient solution for installers
» Additional space and compartments ideal for extra tools and accessories
  >>Specification :  
Dimensions (mm) 4 " x 4 " x 1.20" (10.5 .5 cm)
Weight (kg) 1.35
Packaged Weight (kg) 1.50
  >>Consists of :  
» 1 x Cable Tester
» 1 x Rj45 Crimper Tool
» 1 x Universal Cable Stripper/Cutter
» 1 x KD-1 Disconnection Tool
» 1 x Cable Cutter
» 1 x 3mm Crosshead
» 1 x Impact Tool
» 1 x Screw Drivers
  Crimping Tool Dual 8P/6P HT-210C RJ-45 Single Tool
  808B Single RJ-45 Tool HT-336I COAXIAL Tool
  Impact Punch Down Tool  Disconnection Tool
  6P / 4P Dual Ratchhet Tool 

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