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V.35 Connector
  >>Description :  

Bestnet V.35/X.21 Bi-Directional Interface Converter performs bidirectional conversion of both the physical and electrical specifications of a V.35 device to those of an X.21 device. Two models are available for connecting a V.35 DTE to an X.21 DCE:
IC940A-M: Male V.35 (DCE) to Male DB15 (DTE)
IC940A-F: Female V.35 (DCE) to Male DB15 (DTE)

  >>Materials & Finishes :  
Insulator PBT Glass filled / PPS Glass filled
Liquid Crystal Polymer (Simm) UL 94V-0
Contact Copper Alloy
Plating   Contact
1.TIN (Complete)
2.Gold Flash (Complete)
3.Selective gold over nickle
  (contact area) Tin / Lead
  over nickel
  plated (tail area)

  >>Electrical Characteristics :  
Rating Current 1 AMP.
Contact Resistance <15 milliohms
Inslation Resistance 500 megoohms at 500V
Dielectric Voltage 1000V at 1 minute
Operating Temp. -55°c to 105°c

  >>Pin Diagram :  
Pin Diagram

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