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 4/8 Audio Video Splitter


Part No. BN-AVS-04/08


Bestnet Composite / RCA signal splitter will split the input signal from a Composite (Yellow RCA) player / source to 4/8 indentical outputs to be connected to 4/8 x Composite / AV / Yellow RCA displays. The outputs are syncronized. If the source / player has stereo RCA audio out (Red / White) connectors, the audio will also be split to 4/8 identical outputs to be connected to the display or individual home entertainment systems.

  » Features:  
» 4/8 in 1 out AV switch box.
» 4/8 groups of RCA input connectos, 1 group RCA output connectors.
» Enable your TV set to be connected with 4 video devices, such as DVD PS2 XBOX VCD DV.
» No power supply and software drive needed.
» Easy installation and operation.
» Light weight, portable size, easy to carry
» Works with standard RCA ( red / white / yellow ) connector.
» The RCA Audio Video Switch makes switching between audio / video input devices a lot easier.

  » Specification:  
Video IN/OUT Terminals 1(2)-Input/4/8-Output (Type RCA Pin Jacks)
Audio Input 1(2)-Input (Type RCA Pin Jacks)
Audio Output 4/8- Output (Type RCA Pin Jacks)
Differential Gain (DG) Less than 3% (at APL 10~90%
Differential Phase (DP) Less than 3% (at APL 10~90%
Temparature Range -10°C ~ +40°C
Power Requirement Specified AC Voltage
Power Consumption Approx. 6W
Dimensions 245x45x180 mm
Weight Approx. 1Kg


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