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 KVM Switch  


Bestnet KVM switches are designed to give you control of multiple computers using just one keyboard, video display and mouse. They provide more table and rack space in addition to saving the cost of multiple keyboards, mouse and monitors.

Switch between computers by just pressing a button or the pre-defined hotkey on the keyboard. Bestnet KVM switches are the perfect choice for home, office, server farm, or testing sites where there is a need to manage multiple computers efficiently and easily.

2 Port PS/2 KVM Switch 2 Port USB KVM Switch
(Built in Cables)
4 Port PS/2 KVM Switch
4 Port PS/2 KVM Switch (OSD) 4 Port USB KVM Switch 8 Port PS/2 KVM Switch (OSD)
8 Port USB KVM Switch 8 Port Combo KVM Switch KVM Extender
LCD KVM Switch    

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