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 Fiber Coupler


Fiber optic adaptors allow users to couple from one connector type to another type. These adaptors are comprised of a polymer body and inner assembly fitted with a precision alignment mechanism. These couplers are precision made and manufactured to demanding specifications. The combinations of a ceramic / Phosphor bronze alingment sleeves and a precision moulded polymer housing provides consistent long term mechanical and optical performance.
SC Coupler
ST Coupler
SC Connector Threaded, Key oriented coupling mechanism which allows repeatable, low loss connections Simplex or Duplex & multi fiber assemblies, available in Single & Multi Mode. ST fiber optic couplers are all threaded type, with metal housing, single mode ones are with zirconia sleeve and multimode ones are with bronze sleeve. ST fiber optic adaptors are simplex adaptors.
LC Coupler
MTRJ Coupler
ST Connector Twist-Lock bayonet coupling mechanism which ensures quick, highly repeatable low loss connections. Simplex, Duplex & multi fiber assemblies, available in Single & Multi Mode. MTRJ fiber optic coupler are with polymer housing, there are two types available, one is flange type; another is SC footprint type, both simplex. MTRJ fiber optic adaptors are black color.
FC Coupler
FC fiber optic Couplers, square type, are with metal housing, & zirconia sleeves. Multi mode FC fiber optic adaptors are with bronze sleeves. All FC fiber optic adaptors are simplex.  
Insertion Loss
≤ 0.2 dB
Withdrawl force
Durabality (1000 Mating)
0.2 dB Max Increase
Operating Temparature
-40 to + 75

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