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 Digital Lan Tester


 Digital Lan Tester

Major Functions and Features

  • Cable types to be tested:
    It is capable to test unshielded pair and shielded pair (UTP, FTP) of RJ45 port; with special adapters. it is capable to test RJll port, telephone line (TEL) and coaxial cable (BNC).
  • One person is enough to complete link continuity test.
  • lt is capable to detect wiring troubles such as open circuit, short-circuit and dislocation.
  • lt is simple and easy to use and the test result is clear at a glance with the aid of LCD display of wiring diagram.
  • Voice report of test result makes test work convenient and interesting (only Model "A" unit).
  • It is portable with long service battery (reserve for 50 hours).
  • It is capable to locate cable with 8 far-end passive test ports (Identification Number IDl - ID8 are used for quick check of cable far-ends respectively).
  • Single chip microprocessor software watchdog design is reliable in operation.
  • Low battery voltage alarm display.

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  1. Overall Dimension:
    123.7 x 66.5 x 24.5 mm
  2. Battery:
    4 x AAA 1.5V dry battery with power consumption 8 mA
  3. Display:
    Special cable tester LCD display (effective visual range 35 x 17 mm)
  4. Cable Types to be tested:
    UTP/FTP twisted line, coaxial cable (BNC) and telephone line (TEL)
  5. Working Ambient Temperature:
    -10'C to +40'C
  6. Tester Ports:
    Main RJ45 master port (M). Loop-back RJ45 port (L) and far-end recognizer RJ45 port (R)
  7. Maximum Length of Cable:
    twisted UTP/FTP cable < 300 m.
    BNC coaxial cable < 500 m,
    TEL telephone line < 300 m.
  8. Location of Wiring Sequence and Cable Trouble:
    detection of trouble such as open circuit, short-circuit
    and dislocation.
  9. Location of Cable Link Route:
    Maximum 8 far-end identification recognizers are used in test and location of cable links (ID1 - ID8).

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