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 Single Port Face Plate with Shutter (Straight Lock)


Part No. BNMP-01-ST


Bestnet modular faceplates gives your network a facelift providing a fresh look to match today’s technologies for a perfect blend into your home or office. The faceplates are designed to be used with a Bestnet Key Stone Jack or can mount any standard Keystone jack to meet your specific needs. Its durable finish masks minor scuffs that may occur during daily usage.

  » Features:
  » Faceplates are designed to provide optimal outlet separation to reduce alien cross talk.
» Part of the Premium 5e cabling system & System 6 cabling system.
» Slide-in designation labels allow users to easily identify connections at the outlet.
» Bestnet faceplates available in Bright White colour.
» Fits into most single gang boxes for wall mounting.
» Built-In shutter to prevent dust.
» Includes head screws to secure cover to base

  » Specifications:  
  Material: ABS
Standards: ISO/IEC 11801
Fit for RJ45 keystone jack and outlet plates
Dimension: 86 x 86mm
Environment temperature: 25-45 degree Celsius
Relative humidity: =85% RH at 30
Atmosphere pressure: 70-106kPa
Insulated resistance: = 2 x 10M/500V DC
Intensity: =15kV(DC) / min.

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