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Open Rack


Bestnet Open Racks provide direct support for panel mount equipment, including patch panels and network switches and may be adapted using shelves to support computer/data storage equipment.

  » Features :
  » 4 pieces heavy duty triangle brackets on bottom of rack to make sure the main frame and plith were fully connected and even support much better strength.
» Additional depth supporter on the top of rack to ensure main frames are fully connected.
» Allows you to install heavy duty server, not just for cabling.
» Allows you to install the sliding rail, not just stack them or center mounted
» Allows you to install the wheel or bolt on the ground which you prefered.
» Allows you to connect more racks side by side.
» Easy assembly.
» Semi-Dull finish, fine texture powder coating.

  >> Available Sizes :  
  42U & 45U

  >> Optional Accessories:  
  » Vertical Cable Duct / Wire Manager (PVC)
» Horizantal Wire Manager (Metal PVC)
» AC Power distribution (6 Socket) Horizantal
» Front Panel Hardware
» Ladder Kit


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